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Horse Inspired Growth and Healing™ is an equine therapy and coaching program that provides greater understanding, connection, and appreciation for mental and emotional wellness, through creating partnerships with horses. HIGH nurtures well-being based on collaboration, accountability, integrity, and compassion for self and others, by combining traditional, cultural, alternative, and clinical practices.


Horse Inspired Growth & Healing (HIGH) helps participants chose the principles they want to live by and present opportunities to practice these principles, in partnership with horses. Through the horses’ responses, participants see the immediate results of their intention, energy, and actions and how making small changes, can create greater trust, confidence, and empathy for self and others.


HIGH provides culturally and clinically informed horse and human activities. HIGH activities are designed to: increase congruence by connecting thoughts, feelings, and actions; provide opportunities to practice cooperative, collaborative, and compassionate partnerships; create “connection over control;” facilitate posttraumatic growth and gifts; and offer wellbeing practices to create the person we deserve to be and the life each of us deserves to live.

HIGH Activities and Sessions​

  • Are based on physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual wellbeing practices.

  • Are designed to nurture greater and deeper connection with families, friends, and community.

  • Provide greater understanding of our “training” in childhood and adulthood, and how it has influenced our present way of being.

  • Offer opportunities to increase congruence, agency, belonging, and purpose for the individual and their relationships.

  • Are both ground and mounted activities, offering “challenge by choice” opportunities.



HIGH Training covers three days of experiential activities. Participants receive a training manual that includes:

  • Over twenty HIGH activities

  • HIGH safety principles and practices

  • A List of equipment

  • And a description of the role of HIGH facilitators


Each day begins at 8:30am with a break for lunch and ends at 3:30, with a one-hour processing group until 4:30pm.

Four to six HIGH activities will be presented and practiced each day.

Saturday evening, we provide a barbeque.

Sunday afternoon, each participant will have an opportunity to create their own HIGH activity and share it with the group.

Past HIGH trainings

Since 2012, Suzi has been offering HIGH trainings for various organizations and individuals including, Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Professionals, Equestrians, Veterans, Educators, and Social Service organizations, including:

Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue, CA

Navajo Behavioral Health, NM

Acoma Pueblo, NM

Blackfeet Counseling Center, Browning, MT

George Washington Graduate students and faculty, DC

Ramah Navajo Indian Reservation, AZ

Jicarilla Apache, NM

Laguna Pueblo, NM

Ute Tribe, UT

Getting Trained in HIGH™

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